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This is a list of my home-made codes and scripts:

Design tool for pinned drapery meshes

This online tool permits to forecast the force-displacement behaviour of anchored double-twist wire meshes. link

Matlab scripts

  • Discrete Element Code. This code was developed for teaching purpose in 2D, 3D with spheres and polyhedra (screenshots, VRML example file)
Example of gravity deposition with a Matlab DEM code.
Example of DEM with polyhedra.
  • Discrete Element postprocessor tools. This tool was developed for enabling statistics on the contact orientation, packing, and force vector distribution.
Normal Force Intensity Distribution in a cubical Discrete Element sample at p’=10 kPa (red); p’=100 kPa (green) and after deviatoric phase (blu).
Radial distribution function of spherical particles in a wet cubical sample.
  • Landslide Displacement Detector. This Matlab GUI was introduced for image analysis of long sequence of photos taken on the landslide site. It supports different digital image correlation techniques and many other options (channel selection, manual or semi-automatic markers selection, saving and loading features, etc.)
Screenshot of the Landslide Displacement Detector GUI .
Example of result of the analysis.
  • Stereo-Photogrammetric Reconstruction tool .
  • Oedometric test analysis tool

Fish scripts

  • Capillary law
  • Evaporation law
  • Water redistribution law
  • Grain-size creation

Surface Evolver (Brakke, 2008) scripts

This code was developed to study the capillary force between different surfaces and particles in pendular and funicular state.

Minimum energy capillary bridge solution between two spheres .
Solution of the minimum energy capillary bridge among three spherical particles .

Excel/VB scripts:

  • Soil-nailing design tool. This tool was developed for the design of Soil nailing applications.
Screenshoot of the Soil-nailing Design tool v 1.0.1

C++/OpenCV scripts

Python scripts for Yade

Auto-IT scripts

Auto-IT is a useful tool for pc-automation. I used it in the automation of a remote camera & pc at a landslide site.


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